What to do at the corral d’arnes

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What to do at the corral d’arnes

A rural accommodation in an immaculate environment, full of richness and natural abundance: rivers, mountains, trails and paths, open spaces, flowers and butterflies.
A unique space where nature plays a key role, on the one hand the wildest part, with little human activity to travel and know each of its corners; and that of the rural world with a landscape shaped over the centuries by human intervention.
A space where handicrafts have a place as a way of rescuing the natural, the textile from nature itself.

We can offer you some services and activities that you could give to Arnes, as long as you were allotjats to our house, with you were visiting us
We will always find a way to present you the best of our place.
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What to do at the corral d’arnes

From Arnes (Terra Alta) at the foot of the Parc Natural dels Ports and right next to the neighboring Matarranya region, the possibilities for a stay with all kinds of activities are almost endless.

The historic centre of Arnes has been declared of Cultural Interest, with buildings that are truly unique to the town.

You will also be able to find different crafts
who work in the Wax of Abella, the Artistic Forge, the Ceramic and a Teacher Craftsman Teixidora expert in natural dyes.

The Parc Natural dels Ports is a perfect place for nature lovers to observe the flora and fauna.

Here you can enjoy from the simple contemplation of mountains and rivers in relaxing morning walks, to the most demanding treks such as Southern Stars.

Not to mention other activities: climbing, canyoning, caving, mountain biking…

You can also walk through the flatter areas of the village on foot or by bike walking through the fields of olive trees, almond trees and vineyards or make the spectacular route of the Via Verda, arranged from Puebla de Hijar to the Delta.

The visits to the monumental towns of Terra Alta and Matarranya allow you to learn about the history and way of life of these lands.

To get to know their rhythm of life, which is slower and calmer, connected with nature, with the earth and with people.

As a mountain guide who knows the area, I can tell you what you need.



Located between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon, this limestone massif of steep and steep relief has been humanized since prehistoric times.

However, the territory of Els Ports is presented to us today as a wild natural space full of wildlife. The Ports Massif is one of the natural wonders of southern Catalonia. It was declared a Natural Park in 2001 in order to preserve its natural and landscape values.

It is part of the European Natura 2000 network, as a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) and a Site of Community Importance (SCI).

Most of the Ports Natural Park is included in the core area of the Terres del Ebre Biosphere Reserve. The location of the Massif and the great diversity of biotopes has allowed the presence of a great variety of species, both fauna and vegetation.

This allows us to enjoy the observation of various species of endemic or rare flora, as well as the observation of large mammals (Hispanic Goat) and large birds of prey. Here’s wildlife watching: Birdwatching, Butterflywatching or Dragonflywatching have one of the best places to practice it.


Terra Alta is an eminently agricultural region where its mosaic of Mediterranean Agroforestry Landscape stands out, still very little altered, where the cultivation of the vine, the olive trees and the almond trees, create a most relaxing combination.

The towns of the region also have a very important historical load that we can catch walking through its medieval urban centers.

The porticoed streets of Batea, the Arnes Town Hall, the Pinell and Gandesa Cooperatives, jar walking through the villages of Terralt will take you back in time.

In the most recent and saddest history, it is necessary to emphasize the bloody episode of the Battle of the Ebro, with numerous spaces that can be visited, now recovered and museified (Corbera, Gandesa, Serra de Pàndols,… among many others)

A good way to get to know the region in more depth is to do the Art to the Ras route.

Culturally, we can’t forget about it either Picasso d’Orta Center located in the building of the old hospital, which shows faithful reproductions of the nearly 200 works he created in the town and other facsimiles of paintings painted in Paris and New York but inspired by his stays in Orta.

We must not forget the culture of oil and wine, a few people rooted in the land are developing high quality products in various villages in the region. These wineries and mills are usually open to the public and we can taste the highest quality oils and wines that have nothing to envy to other more famous ones.


The Zafán Valley Greenway is one of the most beautiful and spectacular in the state; with 45 tunnels, 19 viaducts and 15 bridges.

Its route runs between La Puebla de Hijar in Lower Aragon and Tortosa in the Baix Ebre with almost 100 km of route, although you can continue cycling to the Delta de l’Ebre for another 50 km.

The fact that it happens to touch most of the villages along its route and that some of the stations have been arranged makes it easier for it to be divided into several stages. Being the most common for those who do it all, make an end of stage in Arnes, which is halfway.

For families and those who want to enjoy a walk without sweating much Arnes is once again its ideal starting point, as from here to Tortosa almost everything goes downhill, and you can take advantage of the infrastructure they offer. the various bike rental companies with the pick-up service in vans to return to the starting point.

Of note for its beauty is the gorge of the Canaletes River and the Fontcalda area.


The Matarranya region that some know as “Spanish Tuscany” and others as “the Mediterranean Aragon”, the truth is that the Matarranya is a place of cultural confluence like few: Iberians and Romans, Muslims and Christians, and now Aragonese , Catalans and Valencians.

It has always been so, walking through the old streets of its villages you can see: Vall-de-roures, Calaceit, La Fresneda,… .. in fact all the villages are monumental.

And what about its landscapes, probably one of the most well-known and visited places is the source of the Matarranya river: the Parrissal. It is clear that the other river of Beseit is not far behind as beautiful as it is: the Ulldemò with the popular bathing area of La Pesquera.

If we climb Ports up, we can reach one of the peaks with the most symbolic load: the Tossal dels Tres Reis. Again we speak of confluence, here geographical, as it is the point where the three communities converge: Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia.

Another of my favorite landscapes are the Roques del Masmut, in Penyarroya de Tastavins, both the rocks and the village are not to be missed
. And if you’re interested in history, don’t forget to take a tour of the Iberian Route.

And for lovers of speed and burnt rubber, you have the Motorlandnearby.


Handicraft activities

In the textile artisan workshop in the same accommodation, Marisa, a master weaver and dyer, works and offers artisan activities.

Pots adaptar-te a l´agenda o venir quan vulguis . on demand Individually or in very small groups. Always under reservation!


Point of Sale

A corner of lo corral d’arnes where you will find the woven and dyed pieces in the workshop with the Catalan Crafts badge, this badge accredits that they are of own production and elaborated with the own processes of the trade. More proximity impossible!

Visit to the workshop

An introduction to the world of the artisan in the rural world, to see the workshop, the different looms, dyeing plants, their colors … and if you want, to have a safe textile experience in front of the vertical and / or horizontal loom.

Textile tastings

Short workshops, usually about three hours, to have a good time and / or to get into some of the techniques of the craft of weaver and dyer, and to be able to appreciate the fact of getting deeper into this world. Always with small groups, a la carte or according to our program


Monographic courses

These are courses, usually intensive, in order to learn enough the textile technique in order to follow with autonomy. Courses of tapestry (high loom loom), pedal loom or handles (low loom) and different textile techniques. They can be adapted to the previous knowledge of the student. Always with small groups, a la carte or according to our program

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Estels del Sud

In 2004 we created, together with the other accommodation on the trip, this 5-day circular route through the Ports, a good part of it within the Ports Natural Park on the Catalan side and also through the Ports de Beseit in the region of Matarranya de Teruel.

Complete information on the trip can be found on the Estels del Sud website

Here we are waiting for you after a long day walking and enjoying our mountains, so you can rest and get ready for the next stage!

The Guidebook Estels del Sud

The Guide to Estels del Sud, by Editorial Piolet is a hiking guide that describes this five-stage journey through our Massís dels Ports. in both directions. You can also find options to the summit and some variants to be able to make trips of 2, 3 or 4 days.

If you want it signed by its author, Ismael will send it to you by mail. If you want to give it away, we send it wherever you say!

Contact us!

Price: €12

Guidebook Estels del Sud


what say those who have visited us

Pasamos un finde perfecto! La casa es grande y comoda, los dueños muy amables, nos ayudaron en todo. Es un lugar perfecto para desconectar de la ciudad y hacer actividades al aire libre. Nosotros hicimos una ruta en bicicleta por la Via Verde, muy divertida, en el pueblo hay alquileres de bici que te recojen al final de la ruta. Además también se puede disfrutar de los distintos rios de la zona.

Neus Figas Martin

Without having more references than the score of 5 on this portal, we have met great cooks, magnificent mountain guides, good hoteliers and even better people to talk and enjoy life with professionalism. Can you imagine all these virtues in the same people ?: Go to El Corral de Arnes and you will know them.

Llopir Trebla

The second stage of the Estels del Sud crossing has taken us to El Corral. Aesthetically it is beautiful. Tastefully decorated. The space is spacious and the owners are attentive and knowledgeable about the area and the mountains of the entire country. With a lot of experience in high mountain routes. .
Arnes worth a visit !!

Sandra Danes Roca

We have passed an incredible bridge of La Purísima thanks to Marisa and Ismael who have treated us super well, in a very cool rural house with all the comforts and with a fantastic food. See you soon And thanks for everything !!!!!!

Arsenio Cabanillas