For your safety and ours, we inform you of the measures we have taken in “Lo corral d’arnes” and the recommendations that our customers must follow.

1.- Check-in and check-out

In compliance with the guidelines set by the ICTE (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española), at the time of confirming the reservation, acceptance of the security measures implemented in “Lo corral d’arnes” will be requested.

Due to the cleaning and disinfection protocols that we have to apply for the safety of everyone, and that requires more time, we are forced to change the time of entry and exit: (unless otherwise agreed)

Check-in time: from 5pm

Departure time: before 11am.

The mask must be worn during check-in and check-out.

2.- Detached house

We ventilate the entire space for two hours before cleaning.

We clean first as usual and then disinfect with the product Maxiclor (registration number RESP 12-2006431HA) and Alcolac Plus (registration number 20-20 / 40 / 90-10352HA), taking special care of the most common places of contact: handles, plugs, surfaces, railings, curtains.

We wash all kitchen utensils in our dishwasher at high temperature.

Scrubs and rags are always new.

Bathroom curtains, soaps, broom, mop… once clean we change them and quarantine them

Les claus de la casa les desinfectem.

We have removed the extra blankets and pillows, but if you need them you can ask us, so we know you have used them and we will wash them after use (saving unnecessary cleaning)

We have removed the books and board games, but if you want to read or play during your stay, just ask. We have many books by authors in our area. Then we will quarantine it.

We provide you with a bag of all kinds of tourist information, just for your use.

You can ask us for any information

3.- Rooms

The rooms are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected with the product Maxiclor (registration number RESP 12-2006431HA) and Alcolac Plus (registration number 20-20 / 40 / 90-10352-HA)

No es podrà entrar a les habitacions mentre s’està netejant o desinfectant.

Rooms cannot be entered while cleaning or disinfecting.

Si durant la vostra estada preferiu que no entrem a netejar la vostra habitació només ens ho heu de demanar.

I removed the blankets and auxiliary pillows, if you need them you can ask us.

At each change of user, bed linen, bath curtains, curtains, soaps are changed and / or disinfected.

4.- Common areas

Every day the common areas (dining room, living room…) are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected.

It will not be possible to be in the common areas while the cleaning and disinfection is done.

Es pot fer ús d’elles respectant l’aforament recomanat i mantenint la distància de seguretat

5.- Breakfasts and dinners

To avoid direct contact between customers and maintain safety distance we have reduced the available places.

Breakfast is served from 7 am to 9 am and dinners are available at 8 pm

6.– Personal protective equipment

To enter the rooms or for the kitchen work, the staff will use the EPIS recommended by the ICTE

7.- Disinfectant solutions in common areas.

We have placed hand-held hydro solutions on the entrances and common areas for customer use.

8.- Information

We will provide you with tourist information that will be for your use only.

9.- Payment

Preferably by card or on the web

10.- Recommendations to our customers.

Respect the safety distance of 2 meters with anyone outside your group. Quan no sigui possible es recomana l’ús de mascareta.

11.- Telèfons d’interès

We are responsible, when you visit us confirm that you have no symptoms of COVID19, if during your stay you notice any symptoms please contact:

Cap de Gandesa: 977 421 425

The Hospital of Tortosa: 977 519 100

Health Emergency Service: 061