Hire for Rooms


Lluís Companys 65, 43597 - ARNES

Rooms and common salts

We have double, triple and one suite rooms, all with private bathroom and common salts to use.

All available with the best options and ambient with a lot of effect according to the style of the house




Triple Room


2 bedrooms ( double and triple )

5 individuals beds


Living room

price per person/night

€39 with breakfast

VAT and tourist tax included

Min 2 pax

Triple Room


Room for 2/3 people


price per person/night

39 €with breakfast

including VAT and tourist tax

Min 2 pax

Double Room

Double room

Bed single or double


price per person/night

39€ with breakfasti

Including VAT and tourist tax

Min 2 pax

Double Room


  • Bath privat
  • Bed double or single
  • Breakfast included
Prices per persone/nit

€39 including VAT and tourist tax

Triple Room


  • Bath
  • 3 beds individuals
  • Breakfast included
Prices per persone/nit

€39 including VAT and tourist tax



  • Bath privat
  • Two rooms (double and triple)
  • Living room
  • Breakfast included
Prices per persone/nit

€39 including VAT and tourist tax


alls rooms can be inclourred

Room Bike
Mountain Activity Reports
Workshop of textile art
no pets allowed
Breakfasts mornings
Kick washing machine
Bono gift
Breakfasts mornings

An always included kick at the hire for dwellings is the breakfast.

From 7 to 9 a.m., you can start your activities on the mountain.
A complete breakfast thought to satisfy all the preferences:
Bread with tomato
Homemade jams/Butter
Local biscuits

Good benefit!

Nature activities

From Arnes (Terra Alta) at the foot of the Parc Natural dels Ports and right next to the neighboring Matarranya region, the possibilities for a stay with all kinds of activities are almost endless.

The historic centre of Arnes has been declared of Cultural Interest, with buildings that are truly unique to the town.

You will also be able to find different crafts
who work in the Wax of Abella, the Artistic Forge, the Ceramic and a Teacher Craftsman Teixidora expert in natural dyes.

The Parc Natural dels Ports is a perfect place for nature lovers to observe the flora and fauna.

Here you can enjoy from the simple contemplation of mountains and rivers in relaxing morning walks, to the most demanding treks such as Southern Stars.

Not to mention other activities: climbing, canyoning, caving, mountain biking…

You can also walk through the flatter areas of the village on foot or by bike walking through the fields of olive trees, almond trees and vineyards or make the spectacular route of the Via Verda, arranged from Puebla de Hijar to the Delta.

The visits to the monumental towns of Terra Alta and Matarranya allow you to learn about the history and way of life of these lands.

To get to know their rhythm of life, which is slower and calmer, connected with nature, with the earth and with people.

As a mountain guide who knows the area, I can tell you what you need.

Kick washing machine

If you are billeted at the Independent Home have at your disposal a washing machine included at the price.

If you have the hire for dwellings, can offer you the kick of washing machine like a kick apart.

Price: 5€

Pic nic

For all those that need to eat out of home, can offer you our pic-nic, includes:

. sandwich of stuffing

. Cheese sandwich

. Juice

. Sweet or chocolat

. Piece of fruit according to season

. Candies

If you have any allergies or intolerances, just let us know and we will adapt the picnic

Price: €8.50 Celiac special: €10

Handicraft activities

Les teranyines del corral it is the textile handmade workshopat the same accommodation, where Marisa, handmade master weaver and tintorera works

It says the said that “they do not make any harm the cobwebs at the farmyard”

From here we offer you:

  • Point of sale with the sign of Craftsmanship Catalonia that accredits handmade own production and of proximity
  • Visit the workshop and make a tastet at the looms
  • Workshops of short length: Tastets textile of cover and natural dyes
  • Monographic courses of manual loom of low lliç, tapestry and natural dyes to learn the technicians at depth

You can adapt you at our diary or come when want to at the card. Individually or bands very reduced. Always under reservation!

Arnes is a people with several artisans. També pots trobar la Mestra artesana cerera (espelmes en cera d’abella), el ferrer i la ceramista.

Room Bike

A special kick for our customers cyclists, have the place to save your bicycle.

A space not only to keep it with security but also to rent it and to prepare it with all the necessary stris for a correct repair, if we are the case.

We are room Bikefriendly

Check-in & Check-out

The reservation system consists of your pre-booking on the web, werebem and according to the availability we confirm it.span, lb

We will send you an email confirming the reservation and the payment details.

The check-in is carried out from 4 p.m. onwards on check-out end of 12 h (except according to the contrary)



Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy isin accordance with the Llei de Turisme de Catalunya, which stipulates that cancellations within 10 days prior to the date of entry do not incur a penalty.

In the reserves fins a dos nits, the penalty will be 50 % of the total price of the stay.

In reserves between 3 and 7 nights, the penalty will be 35 % of the total price of the stay.

In reservations for more than 7 nights, the penalty will be 25 euros of the total price of the stay.

The above penalties do not apply when the cancellation is due to a force majeure, which is duly accredited.

Rules of coexistence

We demand that all users follow their stay at our house:

. Respect the rest of the other users, it is very quiet from 23 h., and if you take your bird to the morning remember that there are other people sleeping.
. Useful installations with a common feeling, you are amoderate user of water and energy, the environment and we are grateful to you.
. The courtyard can be used if the house is not reserved as a detached house.

Any questions?